Boston Woodworking Co. Ltd., Sunbury, Ohio

Workshop Tool Lists

Here you will find tool lists for each workshop offered at my shop. I have also included links to woodworking materials to vendors when appropriate. Email me with any questions you have about the tools or call the shop at 740-972-6304 Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm.

Handtool Tune-Up

Tools you would like to tune-up may include the following  

Basic Joinery Techniques: Handcut Dovetails


Basic Joinery Techniques: Mortice and Tenon Joints


Introduction to Veneering

Supply Sources  

Introduction to Woodcarving
Note: Quality carving tools are expensive. If you already own a tool that has a similar profile to one listed here, you may use it instead. Some of the smaller gouges (i.e. 2mm), may only be available with a smaller handle. Whenever possible however, purchase full-size (professional) tools. Intermediate tools are generally shorter with smaller handles. Avoid palm grip tools. The numbering systems of different manufacturers can vary considerably, especially on tools beyond the #11 sweep. Where this is critical, I have specified a brand name. Note that any tool that matches the desired profile is acceptable.


Carving the Ball & Claw Foot

Sources for Carving Tools  

Make a Sand-shaded Fan


Mastering Federal Oval Inlays

Supply Source

Build a One-drawer End Table