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Workshop Tool Lists

Here you will find tool lists for each workshops. We have also included a list of woodworking supply stores. Email Mark with any questions you have about the tools or call the shop at 740-972-6304 Monday-Friday 10-5.

Handtool Tune-Up

Tools you would like to tune-up may include the following:  

Basic Joinery Techniques: Handcut Dovetails


Basic Joinery Techniques: Mortice and Tenon Joints


Introduction to Veneering

Supply Sources  

Introduction to Woodcarving
Note: Quality carving tools are expensive. If you already own a tool that has a similar profile to one listed here, you may use it instead. Some of the smaller gouges (i.e. 2mm), may only be available with a smaller handle. Whenever possible however, purchase full-size (professional) tools. Intermediate tools are generally shorter with smaller handles. Avoid palm grip tools. The numbering systems of different manufacturers can vary considerably, especially on tools beyond the #11 sweep. Where this is critical, I have specified a brand name. Note that any tool that matches the desired profile is acceptable.


Cabriole Leg with Pad Foot


Carving the Ball and Claw Foot

Sources for Carving Tools  

Mastering Federal Oval Inlays

Supply Sources

Build a One-drawer End Table


Make a Sunburst Veneered Table Top

Please Note
If you are taking the Sunburst Veneered Table Top workshop, you will need to order your veneer and flatten it in advance. You may use any of the available solutions for treating veneers. Before ordering your veneer, you will need to determine the diameter of table you wish to make (42 inch max for our workshop) and the quantity and width of the sequentially-sliced sheets that will achieve the desired face. We will work with 6, 8, or 12-piece matches to make either a round or demi-lune top. Most veneer retailers can help you find the right size veneer for the job. It is usually a good idea to order one or two additional sheets. Finally, remember to order an underlayment, mahogany, poplar, or other secondary wood.

Supply Sources

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